things I love...


my children, Nicole &  Anthony

my house of cats!

cooking, creating, being with friends

writing, contemplating

meditation & being with spirit

the arts, van gogh

collecting antiques

collector cars

restoring houses

old things

and the wonder of life

My life path is a testimony to spirituality.  As a child, I felt odd and didn't fit in.  I saw, heard and felt things beyond the 'norm'.   At age 11, my Mother passed to the other side; I felt abandoned and alone.  I had many dark nights traveling a dead-end street for years, using drugs to cope.  I managed to have a family and build a career as a successful engineer, but there was still something 'wrong with me'.


On August 15, 2000, I landed in a psyche ward.  I was broken, but determined.  Recovery in a 12 step program brought freedom from addiction and a rapid shift into spirituality.  A spiritual awakening.  A homecoming.  With great intent and passion, I developed my intuitive abilities not knowing that I would use them as a professional.  For years, I asked for help to know my career life purpose. In 2013 I created a free website to do readings.    Suddenly I was doing many sessions and my practice grew quickly.  In 2014, The Intuitive Connection was created and I left my corporate job.  I haven't looked back.  


I am a committed practitioner and always strive to be better, to learn and grow as a person.  My varied interests in life, career and personal - are all a part of my practice too.  My path of healing from darkness has brought me deep compassion and awareness.  


I strive to practice ethically and work with integrity, I live a life of service.  I do not believe I am gifted, rather I have a calling to serve and to help others in many different ways.  



Living my passion became my life purpose




Usui Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner 

Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Certified Automatic Intuitive Professional, Slade Roberson

Certified Life Force Energy Healer, Deborah King

Shamanic Studies - 3 years with Bob Teets 

Camp Chesterfield studies:  Spiritual Healing, Palm Reading, Spirit Art & more 

Advanced Mediumship, John Holland

Certified Holy Fire Level II Practitioner 

Certified Reiki Drumming Practitioner 


I travel yearly to England and study at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science

(mediumship study)



Spiritualist National Union, International

The Reiki Organization

Indiana Association of Spiritualists




Suzanne Smith

, The Intuitive Connection, LLC   


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