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Spirit Art Readings
Spirit Art is a beautiful and very special way of working with messages.  I have studied Spirit Art at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England in 2014 and 2019.  I currently have three different spirit art offerings and they can be done as an in-person session as well as a remote/zoom session.  Remote sessions are conducted on zoom and a digital image of the art is sent after the session.   Thank you I look forward to bringing through the unique messages in this way.
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Vision Board Intuitive Reading

This unique reading is where I create an intuitive vision for the sitter.  We know that a typical 'vision board' is created by someone that has an idea of what they want to manifest.  I've shifted the typical vision board into my own style of a reading.   I (as an intuitive artist) create the vision board for your future - along with abundant intuitive messages and insight into your life path ahead.  

The Vision Board Intuitive Reading offering includes:

* A beautiful piece of art that you take home with you

(or if session is remote - will be emailed to you)

*  30 minute session (in-person or zoom)


please allow at least 48 hours to book your session

so that I have time to prepare the art prior to the session

30 Minute in-person or phone - $150

(note this reading is priced higher as it takes me a lot

ot time to create the vision board as it is layered)

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Auragraph Reading

An auragraph is a work of art that is a representation of your aura.  The colors of your aura will be represented in this reading along with an explanation of what the colors mean.  Intuiutive messages and predictions also are a part of this reading.  I like to do these real time when doing the session with the client.  Also included in this session is a .pdf file that has a detailed description of the meaning of the colors of the aura. 

The Auragraph Reading offering includes:

* A beautiful piece of art that you take home with you

(or if session is remote - will be emailed to you)

*the meaning of the auragraph along with intuitive messages

*A detailed description of the meaning of the colors 

in the aura (emailed to you)

30 Minute in-person or zoom - $120


Wax Intuitive Reading

This unique and very beautiful reading is something that I learned in England.  The art is a beautiful piece that is created using encaustic wax and an iron.  The resulting image is rich with intuitive and spirit messages. 

You may ask one question of the art

prior to the creation of the reading

The Wax Reading includes:

* a beautiful 3" x 5" wax art reading

*intrepretation of the art, which includes intuitive or spirit messages

30 min in person or zoom $120

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