Teaching is a very important part of my practice.   I teach by creating a safe and supportive environment to foster spiritual growth.  I have the intuitive ability to sense the students abilities, how they connect to the world and past influences in their development.  I don't tell people how to believe or develop, I create the environment and stage for their discovery.  I also work to diminish all of the teachings that have become 'fact'.  Just because something is taught and repeated doesn't mean that it is the truth.  It is my role to assist those that are wanting to grow and evolve in a way that honors all universal truths and laws.  

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Currently Discounted!


Quick Start Session - discounted to $111 

Quick Start Session (1 session) includes:

The beginning of the session will begin with your INTENTION – what you

Want to achieve in your intuitive development.  I create a one sentance intention

for you to use as a mantra moving forward.  


A beautiful Auragraph to identify your primary aura colors and how

They are working in your life.

(you receive an image of the drawing I create during the reading sent via email

after the session). 

Identify your natural Intuitive abilities know as the ‘clairs’.  You will receive

Guidance on how to use your natural ability to help you to move forward

In your spiritual development.  We will identify your strongest most natural

intuitive sense with guidance on using this sense to guide and help you.

                Clairvoyance – seeing

                Clairaudience – hearing

                Clairsentience – feeling

                Claircognizance – knowing


Blockage removal – Reiki and Energy Healing will be used to identify

And clear out any energy blockages from your chakras.  We will focus on

Clearing to help you to open up to your intuitive potential.

Next steps in your development will be discussed and session will close with

Protection and a blessing.

Cost of this QUICK START 1 HOUR Session - $111

to schedule the 1 HOUR QUICK START Session and to pay:

Spiritually Guided Reading

In this chanelled in-depth reading I access insight to help you on your spiritual path.  The reading is created as I do automatic writing.  This technique is a wonderful way of bringing direct messages from the higher realms.    


You may ask one question for this reading.  The written reading is sent back to you via email and consists of the following:

Messages from your spirit guide that is assisting you with this issue


Information about what to work on currently


What isn't serving you and how to leave it behind


Living out your purpose


An affirmation for your highest good


Oracle card - I choose a card from one my many decks and include a chanelled message about the card

The reading will be sent as a document to your email.

Thank you for your understanding in receiving the reading as these take a bit of time for me to complete! I do try my best to get these back to you within 24 hours of requesting...

Please email me with your one question for the reading after you have purchased below 


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