Teaching is a very important part of my practice.   I teach by creating a safe and supportive environment to foster spiritual growth.  I have the intuitive ability to sense the students abilities, how they connect to the world and past influences in their development.  I don't tell people how to believe or develop, I create the environment and stage for their discovery.  I also work to diminish all of the teachings that have become 'fact'.  Just because something is taught and repeated doesn't mean that it is the truth.  It is my role to assist those that are wanting to grow and evolve in a way that honors all universal truths and laws.  

Getting to know your Guides and Ascended Masters - Private Mentoring

In this dynamic private session I work with clients to know their spirit guides and ascended masters.  Through a bit of psychic development, working with Natal Trinity Charts as well as guided meditation, we work to identify the primary guide as well ascended masters that are currently present.   It is a very personal experience as I work to help the client have awareness of their 'spirit team'.  It goes well beyond a reading where a practitioner would 'bring through' guides and masters.   Our time together also includes instruction and guidance on setting up a daily practice to deepen the connection with spirit and your guides.

This course is comprised of (1)  60 Minute Session. 

The cost is $92.00 for each 60 Minute session.  

Sessions can be done in-person or remote (phone or skype)

Mediumship Development Course - Private Mentoring

Do you sense the presence of your loved ones and guides?  Have you had visitations of loved ones in your dreams?  Are you curious to learn HOW to communicate with the Spirit World?

In this course, we explore the amazing connection with the spirit world.  I teach the Spiritualists way of evidential mediumship.  Psychic development is a component of this course, as mediums use their psychic senses to communicate with spirit.  Course Includes a spiritual assessment, psychic development with review on how we receive information, instruction on blending and how to bring spirit closer, the laws of mediumship, being in the power, spiritualism, confidence exercises, platform mediumship and public demonstration guidelines.  We also cover protection and grounding in this course.  It is an honor to be able to teach and to be a part of the spiritual growth of a student.

This course is comprised of (1)  60 Minute Session.  The cost is $92.00 for each 60 Minute session.  

Sessions can be done in-person or remote (phone or skype)

Intuitive Development Course - private mentoring 

Are you curious to learn HOW you naturally receive messages and information?   Do you hear, feel, see or just know things?  Perhaps frightened or have a fear of moving forward?  Interested in growing spiritually – to knowing yourself and the world around you better?    This course is for everyone!  We are all intuitive, we all have psychic senses we are made to be able to connect to ourselves and to those in spirit that guide us.  I love teaching this and helping people to grow spiritually.   I have taken a lot of development courses – both personally and to develop my abilities professionally. I have studied in person with Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Slade Roberson as well as Arthur Findlay College (England) Tutors. I have studied with some of the best spiritual teachers in the world.  The course covers how you see, hear, feel and sense information, meditation and sitting in the power, chakras and auras, practical teachings & exercises,  spirit guides and our spirit team and divination tools.  Its a fun and enlightening course!

This course is comprised of (1)  60 Minute Session. 

The cost is $92.00 for each 60 Minute session.  

Sessions can be done in-person or remote (phone or skype)



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Wanting to schedule and move forward with 1 on 1 mentoring?

Here are the steps to get us working together:

1.  Schedule your 1st session by going to smith.appointy.com.  Select the 1 hour session and ignore the default pricing on that site.

2.  Process payment below by clicking the Buy Now button.  You will proceed to a paypal site for payment processing.



3. You may process payment in person on the day of the session.  Send an email to suzannesmith111@gmail.com to let me know which mentoring session you have selected and that you will be paying in person.


"Suzanne is the truth and I trust her very much. She is very compassionate and gives you an honest reading with very meaningful advice and guidance for your situation. In my recent reading with her she picked up so much with me, it was incredible and even more than I asked for.  There was information that she provided me with that I didn't even reference to, but happened to be very relevant to my life.  To elaborate on her gift, I inquired about how soon I would be employed again and I was given an approximate time span of "3 weeks from now" where I would be working in a "secretarial or administrative" type of position, which I would also enjoy better than my previous job. I happened to be hired on as an Administrative Clerk about three and half/four weeks from that reading, in all the ways specified. It is also worth mentioning that I had applied before this reading for this position . Simply said, this is the very FIRST time that I've had a reading and have had it come to fruition. I'm amazed and feel even more connected than ever with Suzanne's work. I'm still in my "wow" moment right now because this is what she expressed to me and it happened.  I trust Suzanne very much and look forward to meeting with her again in the future! Thank you!"


"Suzanne is a very compassionate, very gifted person that uses her gift not only to provide healing to others, but also validates that our loved ones truly watch over us."


"Suzanne picked up on things about me that no one would know unless they knew me. She's very in tuned. I would diffently recommend her and do another reading."


"Suzanne was very much on target with her reading. I would recommend her to my friends and family."


Suzanne Smith

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