Phone Sessions 

   30 Minutes  $75  

  60 Minutes $150

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Email & Video Readings

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Black Friday Week - 50% off all  

Gift Certificates 

1 hour phone session regular price $150 - discounted price $75

1/2 hour phone session regular price $75 - discounted price $37.50

to purchase a 1 hour gift certificate click here

to purchase a 1/2 hour gift certificate click here

after purchase an email with a printable image is sent along with a coupon code to use when scheduling.

The video Tarot/Oracle reading is a great way to receive intuitive insight.  Click on the video to the left to learn more about this reading.


Intuitive Wax Reading    was $29 now $19

Click on the demo Video to the left to learn about this unique reading.  Encaustic wax is used to create art that has wonderfully detailed messages.

Process payment below and then email with your question:

Psychic or Medium Reading

A Psychic/Medium Reading is a sacred sitting working within a higher realm to bring life path guidance with detail about soul purpose, career, family, relationships, finance, health and or wellness.  In a Medium Reading I connect with loved ones/ancestors in spirit.  

Private in-person or phone session:  $75  $150

to schedule:

Reiki Session

A powerful session to release lower energies and promote spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.  Intuitive messages are a part of this session.  Medical Intuition is an aspect of this type of session.  Most clients book an hour session and combine a psychic reading with the energy session.  

$75  $150    to schedule:

Email Psychic Reading

This popular offering is a great way to receive guidance at a minimal cost.  I offer a one question reading or a multiple question reading (no limit on number of questions).

 Steps to requesting this reading:  

1.  process payment via the Paypal link.

 2.  Send email to with your question(s).

 Please allow a 24 hour turnaround time.

Gift Certificates, Give the Gift of a Reading or Healing Session!

Give the unique gift of a Psychic, Medium or Healing Session.  

Gift Certificate Options:

$75    30 Minute Phone or In-person reading

$150  1 Hour Phone or In-person reading

Certificates are purchased on my appointment website click on 'schedule now' and you will be taken to a purchase page.  scroll to bottom and select the certificate.  After purchase a very nice digital gift certificate is sent to your email with a code that the recipient uses when booking their reading.

Numerology Reading, Single Personality Profile

Numerology is an ancient tool where life path information is  based upon your birthday and name.   This reading is prepared with Hanz Decoz software, a leading numerologist.  Reading is detailed with incredible accuracy about life path, purpose and direction.    To Request: 1:  Click on the Paypal link.  2.  Email  with first middle and last name at birth, current first & last name, & full date of birth  

Group Psychic or Medium Sessions, Events

I offer group Psychic Services and Mediumship services either at my center or your location.    Bridal events, birthdays, celebrations - we offer our services at a wide variety of gatherings.  I read solo or can bring other readers as well.  We tailor our services to your event - pricing varies on what we offer.  Email me if interested 

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 Phone sessions can be paid on the booking system or I can run your card after the session.   


"Suzanne is the truth and I trust her very much. She is very compassionate and gives you an honest reading with very meaningful advice and guidance for your situation. In my recent reading with her she picked up so much with me, it was incredible and even more than I asked for.  There was information that she provided me with that I didn't even reference to, but happened to be very relevant to my life.  To elaborate on her gift, I inquired about how soon I would be employed again and I was given an approximate time span of "3 weeks from now" where I would be working in a "secretarial or administrative" type of position, which I would also enjoy better than my previous job. I happened to be hired on as an Administrative Clerk about three and half/four weeks from that reading, in all the ways specified. It is also worth mentioning that I had applied before this reading for this position . Simply said, this is the very FIRST time that I've had a reading and have had it come to fruition. I'm amazed and feel even more connected than ever with Suzanne's work. I'm still in my "wow" moment right now because this is what she expressed to me and it happened.  I trust Suzanne very much and look forward to meeting with her again in the future! Thank you!"


"Suzanne is a very compassionate, very gifted person that uses her gift not only to provide healing to others, but also validates that our loved ones truly watch over us."


"Suzanne picked up on things about me that no one would know unless they knew me. She's very in tuned. I would diffently recommend her and do another reading."


"Suzanne was very much on target with her reading. I would recommend her to my friends and family."


Suzanne Smith

, The Intuitive Connection, LLC   


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