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Intuitive Life Coaching

As a certified Life Coach through Dougall Fraser, it is my pleasure to offer intuitive coaching services.


An intuitive reading provides valuable insight into your life path.  Sometimes though we want to learn more and go deeper into manifesting and achieving goals.  This is where intuitive coaching can bring change and a deepening of our relationship in working together.


Usually in a psychic or mediuimship reading the sitter will want their questions answered and to be assured that they are on the right path.   In an intuitive coaching session you become the driver and learn how to manifest, access your own intuitive strength and empowerment to achieve any goal. 


Coaching is not like a typical reading or psychic session.  Coaching is where we work together to empower you to manifest and create change in your life..  In our first session we work to understand your goal and one area of your life to improve.  During this time we will outline a clear plan to help you to move forward as well as to experience a color activation to kick-start your goal.  Development exercises and a follow-up plan is included in the first session.


Intuitive coaching utilizes my intuitive mastery, meditation, creative color visualization, aura interpretation and energy work as well as development exercises.  My keen sense of intuition combined with a wide range of intuitive tools and techniques, along with practical mentoring all comes together to bring effective changes into your life. 


An Intuitive coaching package  consists of 3 sessions that are at least 1 week apart.  I also offer a follow-up coaching session that can be experienced at any time after the initial 3 session coaching offering.


Intuitive Coaching 3 Session Package:  $333.00

Follow up Coaching Session:  $133.00


To schedule the 1st coaching session click HERE

To schedule a follow-up coaching session click HERE

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