Currently all events are being held virtually on Zoom.  We are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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Thursday 7 pm Eastern - Intuitive Development class on Zoom

I've been teaching the Intuitive Development Thursday class for 5 years.   This popular class is very structured and a different theme each week.  Its a class to focus on helping people to grow in their Intuitive abilities.  Very supportive and with ample class exercises and room to develop.  Always i begin with a blessing, introductions, a lesson and then development exercises and we close with a blessing and clearing.  Classes are taught on zoom - donation class suggested $10 to $20 per class

Private Facebook group called The Intuitives

if you attend the development class and want to join the Facebook group - send an email to Suzanne

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Class is offered on Zoom - ID is the SAME FOR EACH CLASS  NOTE Password of 11 (eleven)

to join the class click on the link below:


Meeting ID: 734 308 219

Passcode: 11

email me if you have any questions:

Suzanne Smith

, The Intuitive Connection, LLC   


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