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I have curated each course to include in-depth learning with a focus on Intuitive Development.  Students have lifetime access 24/7 to each course.

Peer Facebook Support Group is also available to interact with other students, to practice and receive support on your spiritual journey.


On Demand 24/7 Access Development Classes

I love teaching and have released 4 Intuitive Development Courses.  Each course has 1.5 hours of video instruction, downloadable handouts and many guided meditations.

to review and access each course go to:

Our Psychic Senses, Working with the Clairs $44

your unique psychic code, in-depth understanding

of each 'clair', exercises to expand psychic ability

Our Past Lives $44

deep dive into the akashic records, your past life themes

past life meditations to meet your records guide

and to understand life purposes in this lifetime

Reiki I & II $55

complete course in Level I & II USUI Reiki including education,

techniques, the three Reiki Pillars, Gassho, Byosen Scanning,

Intuitive Reiki, Ethics and Protection.  Course is complimentary

to an in-person/zoom Reiki I & II Course that has attunement.

The Law of Attraction $44

course covers spiritual law review, the 5 Metaphysical Principles,

setting the goal, identifying limiting beliefs, creating affirmations, 

setting the intention, visioning and creating tasks.  All of this brings the student 'into the vortex' a very magical place for manifesting and achieving.  Includes a Law of Attraction guided meditation.

to review and access each course go to:

Private Facebook Peer Support Group 

be sure to join our private Facebook group where
we explore all things intuitive!


Future Releases:

December 2023 - Spirit Messages and Mediumship

Jan 2024 - Becoming a Professional Reader

Feb 2024 - Reading Tarot and Oracle

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