Currently all events are being held virtually on Zoom.  We are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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Thursday 7 pm Eastern - Intuitive Development class on Zoom

facilitated by Suzanne Smith

I've been teaching the Intuitive Development Thursday class for 5 years.   This popular class is very structured and a different theme each week.  Its a class to focus on helping people to grow in their Intuitive abilities.  Very supportive and with ample class exercises and room to develop.  Always i begin with a blessing, introductions, a lesson and then development exercises and we close with a blessing and clearing.  Classes are taught on zoom - donation class suggested $10 to $20 per class

Private Facebook group called The Intuitives

if you attend the development class and want to join the Facebook group - send an email to Suzanne

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Class is offered on Zoom - ID is the SAME FOR EACH CLASS  NOTE Password of 11 (eleven)

to join the class click on the link below:


Meeting ID: 734 308 219

Passcode: 11

email me if you have any questions:


Tuesday 7 pm Eastern - Intuitive Development Practice Group on Zoom

facilitated by Paige Buckman

Join us for our LIVE zoom development group every Tuesday evening at 7 eastern.  This dynamic practice group allows ample time to hone in on your Intuitive Reading skills.  This class is geared towards those that have had some prior development and is not suited for people that have not taken any prior development classes.  This is YOUR class if you are:


  • a natural EMPATH

  • desire to improve your TAROT ORACLE Reading skills

  • desire to  practice a wide range of intuitive practices such as TAROT, MEDIUMSHIP, AURA  & CHAKRA readings, NUMEROLOGY, ASTROLOGY, ENERGY HEALING and REIKI

  • receive positive feedback regarding an INTUITIVE SKILL you are developing


Class is structured with several breakout sessions where students are partnered up in pairs

Card layouts will be provided as well as other handouts to assist in facilitating with the practice session.


This is a GREAT GROUP to help you to move forward in your intuitive practice!  You know that you are to be doing readings and healing sessions for people but feel you need more practice to become more CONFIDENT.  OR you have an existing practice and want to add a new offering but need more practice before going public.   This group will help you with that and also will connect you with like minded souls.  People that support you on your journey of bringing healing and awareness through your EMPATHIC and INTUITIVE abilities!


Cost is $11 per class – registration and payment required prior to class.  

to pay for this class:

Facilitated by Paige Buckman



Group is facilitated on Zoom.  Go to to download the zoom client

Zoom id 834 1852 8247  passcode 11

Be sure to register before coming to class!


This class is one of several intuitive development classes offered by The Intuitive Connection.  For a complete list of classes go to


To contact the class facilitator:

Paige Buckman

Paige is an Intuitive Practitioner, Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master.  To learn more about her practice go to

Suzanne Smith

, The Intuitive Connection, LLC   


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