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On Demand 24/7 Access Development Classes with LIVE zoom meeting!

I have taught development classes since 2014.  Development classes offer a space to expand your spiritual awareness and to learn about many different metaphysical topics.  I love teaching and am an avid student of wellness, spirituality and the metaphysics.  Join me on a wonderful journey of intuitive development with the release of a new class each month AND a live zoom class.


On the first day of each month, i'll be releasing the following course.  Once the course is purchased, then the student will have full lifetime access to the course.  The course is an on-demand platform where the student works through the material at their own pace.  Then we gather on zoom to practice and have a LIVE gathering.

just released May 23, 2023 - Our Psychic Senses, Working with the Clairs

each course is $29.00 - enter a coupon code of DISCOUNT for 20% off


Each Intuitive Development class offers:

access to an 'on demand' video with full class modules

(over 1.5 hours of video instruction)

downloadable guided meditation

pdf journal and development exercises

LIVE ZOOM call that includes topic discussion and partner development practice

private facebook group called "The Intuitives" for peer support

to join group click here:

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