Classes on Zoom

Currently all classes and events are being held virtually on Zoom. 

We are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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Intuitive Development Group on Zoom


Join us on Thursdays at 7 pm Eastern on zoom as we come together to grow in our intuitive abilities.  This is a wonderful group of people that are curious about their abilties.  Beginners are very welcome as class has introductory metaphysical topics that are different each week.  We explore our abilities in a loving and supportive environment. 


Class  is donation based suggested donation of

$10 to $20 for a class. 

No need to RSVP just come on to class.


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zoom id:

734 308 219 passcode 11

2021 Intuitive Development Class Schedule


Jun 10     The 12 Universal Laws & our Soulpath

Jun 17     Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Chilldren

June 24   Full Moon Ceremony

July 1      Tarot & Oracle Readings

July 8      Psychometry (reading the energy of objects)

July 15    Crystal Readings

July 23     Mediumship

July 29     Ancient Egyptian Healings of Edgar Cayce

Aug 5       no class summer break

Aug 12     no class summer break

Aug 19    Spirit Art Readings

Aug 26    Mediumship Circle


Coming in the Fall of 2021


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Professional Development Certification Practitioner Course

All of the tools and support that is necessary to become an intuitive practitioner - this live 6 week course is designed to help shift you into a successful career as an intuitive practitioner!

This unique course is all you need to create and build your intuitive practice which includes:
The Vision:  a process to create your future 
Learn the 3 main reasons why people don‟t leave their dead-end job and HOW to overcome this
A 5 step activation process to move an in idea into ACTION
Learn a simple CLEARING PROCESS to eliminate doubt and insecurity
Determine your unique brilliance and WHY you are to work in this field
Learn about empowering therapeutic language and the mistakes a many well meaning practitioners
Create your own personal CODE of ETHICS
Learn the 6 Step process that EVERY SESSION must have for success
Understand the 5 different archetypes of clients and why this critical to success.
Learn why and when to say NO
How to Create your signature marketing Material that is ETHICAL and PRACTICAL
Learn how to market your UNIQUE brand and how to present yourself WITH CONFIDENCE
Learn the 5 ways to establish service charges based upon TIME and VALUE and not competition
(and why competition will work AGAINST you)
5 approaches to gain clients without paying for ads
Create a unique newsletter to build a client list
Learn the 5 reasons practitioners lose business -and why this is a marketing tool
Resources to aid with setup of website and social media
Learn what a website MUST HAVE to bring traffic
10 step process to bring your practice up in st SIX WEEKS!


Course includes 6 weekly 1.5 hour live zoom sessions, recorded with 24/7 any-time playback access
Weekly course material delivered to your inbox
Intuitive Practitioner Mastery Course Manual
Private Facebook Group for the Professional Development Mastery class members
Downloadable Guided Meditation “Professional Intuitive Attunement”
Complimentary 100+ page numerology reading by Hanz Decoz Master Numerologist
Printable certificate upon completion


Unlimited support and LOVE for your spiritual journey from Suzanne and class members!

Course dates to be announced very soon....

Intuitive Development Mastery Course

….a live course to activate your Soul Purpose

Join Intuitive Master Suzanne Smith for a live 6 week zoom course designed to embrace the students natural intuitive abilities

This unique course is packed with tools and experiences to allow for the awakening of the spirit

course includes:

 A signature 7 step process to intuitive mastery

6 simple daily exercises to jump start your intuition

Daily clearing process to eliminate fear, doubt and insecurity

 30 daily journal prompts that enhance your natural intuition

 Exercises to understand your unique symbolic code to intuitive mastery

 Important grounding process using crystals  to release static energy

Easy methods to create a powerful meditative state

This dynamic class allows for ample instruction  with a clear understanding of the metaphysics, energy, the aura and chakra system

Plenty of development and practice time is built into each course to allow ample time for students to practice and to evolve in their abilities.  Environment is safe and supportive to allow for interaction, feedback and support for the awakening of each student.

Intuitive development involves working with other students and also the understanding of how each student is uniquely wired in their intuitive abilities.  This course explores those abilities and is uniquely taught in this way.  The instructor works closely with the students to allow for exploration of how they are 'wired' for intuition.

Course is geared towards beginner to intermediate experience in intuitive development.  This course should be taken prior to the Professional Practitioner Course.


Course includes 6 weekly 1.5 hour zoom sessions, recorded with 24/7 any-time playback access

Weekly course modules delivered to your inbox and available from a secured section of the website

Intuitive Development Mastery Manual

Private Facebook Group for the Intuitive Development Mastery class members

                this group allows follow up support and member communication anytime

downloadable guided meditation – “Intuitive Mastery Attunement “

complimentary 100+ page numerology reading by Hanz Decoz Master Numerologist

printable certificate upon completion

unlimited support and love for your spiritual journey from Suzanne and class members!