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2023 Holiday Offerings by Suzanne

The 2024 Year Ahead Tarot Reading is a very popular offering.  It is a wonderful way to receive insight into the new year.  Its an offering that has so much detail about the upcoming year and I create these individually for each person.   Please allow time for me to do these readings as they are all curated and I put a lot of time into each reading.   These may be purchased for yourself and also given as a gift.  I also have discounted gift certificates that can be purchased through the month of December.   Be sure to scroll down the page so that any requested forms are completed.  The gift certificates are at the end of this page. 


 Email Readings

$29 Multiple Questions

$19 Single Question

process payment below and scroll down to submit your question(s)

Email Reading Question Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!


2024 Year Ahead Tarot Email Reading

1st option:  $77.11

includes:  Tarot Email Reading

Astrology & Numerology Reading

Intuitive Vision Board Reading

This reading is created by pulling tarot cards and I do a comprehensive write-up for the coming year.  You may ask one question for the new year.  Each card pulled represents the theme of the new year, the potential, what to look for and the year outcome.  I also add a one word mantra for the new year.  This option also includes a detailed Astrology reading including 12 month predictions as well as a Numerology reading also with 12 month predictions.  Reading also includes a beautiful Intuitive Vision Board that is curated by Suzanne for each reading.

2nd option:  $55.11

Tarot Email Reading AND

Numerology & Astrology Reading   

12 month predictive readings

by Master Numerologist Hanz Decoz and 

Astrologist Bruce Scoefield

3rd Option:  $39.11 

Tarot Email Reading Only

This option includes the chanelled Tarot Email Reading (without numerology, astrology or the vision board).  

Please scroll down to purchase the readings AND

to complete the necessary forms

for the readings!

Below is an example of the intuitive vision board:


2024 Year Ahead Tarot Reading package That includes:

Tarot Email Reading
Astrology & Numerology Readings
Intuitive Vision Board
**all for $77.11


2024 Year Ahead Tarot Reading package That includes:

Tarot Email Reading
Astrology & Numerology Readings
**all for $55.11


2024 Year Ahead Tarot Reading package That includes:

Tarot Email Reading

IF you have a question for the tarot reading, complete the form below. One question please and it should be specific.  This question is about your future.  For example, should I move in 2024, should I change jobs, etc.   You don't have to ask a question for the reading and if I don't receive a quesiton then I will know to do the reading without a specific question.
Email Reading Question Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

If you have purchased the additional Numerology & Astrology Readings (Option 1 or Option 2)  complete the 2 forms below:
Please allow at least 3 days to
receive your Year A
head Reading
They take a lot of time to create. 
Thank you I look forward to tapping into the potential of the new year for you!

2023 Holiday Gift Certificates - 20% off
Gift Certificates make a great gift!  They can be used for a phone or in-person session.  Sessions can be an intuitive, medium or healing session.   A printable gift certificate is available to print/download after purchase.  The receiver can book their session by clicking on 'schedule now' from my website.  They will be prompted for a certificate code for payment.  Certificates are good for 90 days after purchase.  

30 Minute Gift Certificate was $75 now $60
60 Minute Gift Certificate was $150 now $120
To purchase a 30 minute session gift certificate:
30 Min Purchase Click Here
To purchase a 60 minute session  gift certificate:

60 Min Purchase Click Here
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