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An email reading with Suzanne is an economical and convenient way to receive guidance via email!

One Question - $15

Multiple Questions - $25

This popular offering is a great way to receive insight into areas of life such as career, relationships, romance, health, wellness and finance.  I also provide guidance on an upcoming decision or a particular path ahead.  I can bring through loved ones that have passed on in an email reading as well.

I enjoy doing the email readings and always begin by sitting quietly and asking the questions.  I receive guidance and then write up and send the answers through an email.   The above image is my 3rd floor spiritual studio, a wonderful and very quiet space where I do a lot of the email readings and guided meditation recordings.

I offer a one question email reading or a multiple question reading with a maximum of 11 questions.  Be sure to be specific in your questions in an email reading.  For example if you are wanting to know about a job change it is best to say:  "Do you see me changing jobs soon or should I stay where I am" or perhaps you have a job offer and are thinking of moving out of state.  A good question in that realm would be "do you see me accepting this job and moving to Arizona".  Specific questions are perfect for an email reading as it gives me a starting point.    Try to refrain from being too general when sending your questions.  Say you are asking about a relationship - don't say, "what is the message about a relationship" - its much better to phrase it as, "I am in a relationship with someone what is the message about our future".  Also please know that I typically will bring through other messages that come to me as I am typing up the messages.  I include those in the reading as well.

Please allow at least 24 hours after requesting the email reading.  Thank you for your patience in receiving the reading.   Please process payment above and then scroll down to submit the question(s).  

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