Intuitive, Psychic & or  Mediumship


Intuitive/psychic reading:  guidance in the areas of career, life purpose, love, relationships, health & finance....

we can look at any area of your life such as upcoming decisions,

difficult situations or solutions on how to approach an issue

I have a very therapeutic and nurturing approach in my practice

you are safe and all sessions are sacred

Medium Reading:  messages from loved ones in heaven

I am an evidential medium that focuses on messages

to bring healing and to feel closer to the spirit realm

sessions can be a combination of intuitive/psychic & mediumship

30 Minute in-person or phone - $75

60 Minute in-person or phone - $150

Semicircle of Crystals

Crystal Reiki Healing Session

In this dynamic session I use a combination of Reiki, Trance Healing & Shamanic practices during the session. I also use crystals, a pendulum,  as well as drumming &/or sound bowls to bring intense healing

This is a great session if you are feeling out of sorts,

feel stressed or out of balance


If some of this is unfamilar to you - here is a bit of basic info:

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality

Trance Healing I have learned in England

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing known to man

Crystals amplify and channel the healing energy

Drumming is an ancient practice of bringing balance

Sound bowls raise the energetic frequency of the physical body

It all works together so beautifully

I am the host or the vessel for healing  

Client is fully clothed while laying on a massage table

and...client takes home the set of healing crystals

30 min $90


Birthday Year Ahead Reading

This specialized reading incorporates numerology and astrology to create direction for the year ahead.  We look at several different charts along with Tarot to build a pathway for the coming year.  

This reading can be done in-person or on the phone/zoom.  The client receives a numerology reading, an astral chart with a one year prediction, a 12 month tarot reading as well as the intuitive intrepretation aspect of the reading.   

This reading may easily be gifted to someone as a birthday present.  Please email and let me know if this is the intention.

I do need to collection information prior to the session so that I can prepare the charts and have the information available for the session.  Please allow for this preparation time when booking this session.  I will reach out via email for the information after the session is booked.


60 min $175


Past Life, Akashic Records Reading

In this reading I use different methods to allow for deep insight into a past life.  This is a very helpful process to understand how a past life may be influencing a current life.  Past life experiences can have tremendous influence in our present life in the way of fears or phobias.  

A past life or 'records' reading can also be very helpful to understand life purpose in this lifetime.  I typically access one lifetime in this reading and use a combination of techniques to perform this reading.

Many clients experience relief during this type of session and also have clarity into their next steps to move forward in their lives.

This session is a past-life reading where I bring through the messages and the pertinent information as well as to perform any healing that may be necessary.  This is not a past life regression, that is where the practitioner works with the client and the client relays their experiences during the regression.  I prefer to channel and do a reading in this type of session when I bring through the insight and messages.

60 min $175


Tarot Reading

In this reading I work with Tarot cards to bring insight and awareness in all areas of life.  Tarot is a form of divination called cartomancy.  I have studied Hermetic Tarot in Chesterfield and also am a Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue. 

Tarot, or Oracle Cards will be used in this session.  It is a good idea to come to this session with at least one question for the cards.  We can work with general messages as well.  I typically use the 10 card Celtic Cross as the layout for the readings.

Often clients will take an image of the layout of the cards with their mobile phone when the session is complete.  

This type of reading is a really interesting way to work with messages and often the cards are very specific as a way of bringing insight.  I use Rider Waite Tarot and also have over 30 decks of Oracle Cards to choose from for the reading.

30 min $90