Phone or In-person Sessions 

   30 Minutes  $75  

  60 Minutes $150

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Pay when booking OR when we connect for the session    

for phone readings call 502.727.0445 at reading time  

Email Readings

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Session Offerings with Suzanne

I offer a wide range of intuitive services in a session that is  called a 'reading'.

Intuitive Reading:  A reading can be comprised of messages for your life path in the areas of career, life purpose, relationships, health, wellness and finance. 


Medium Reading:  I am a spiritualist clairvoyant medium and offer sessions to bring messages

from loved ones in heaven. 


Healing Session:  A Reiki energy healing session consists of a reading of your energy and then

I do a guided meditation with Reiki.

Sessions can be a combination of any of the above areas of focus.  Sessions are booked by time meaning I offer a 30 or 60 minute session.   All sessions begin with a blessing and then I will ask your intention for the session such as an Intuitive Reading, Mediumship and/or Healing.  Just let me know what you are wanting as we begin the session.    Also if you are wanting an Intuitive session please be thinking of several questions to ask.  The questions give me a starting point for the session.  Many people will actually write out all of the things that they want to ask me before they come to the session.   If you join the intuitive session and say, "I really don't know why I am here nor do I have any questions" - this does not give me a starting point for the reading.  Its so much better to know why you are having a session and this begins with questions.  For mediumship I do not want to know anything up front for that kind of reading.  Also know that sessions are in your highest good and the sessions always have abundant messages and information.  Its a good idea to take notes during the reading as well.  

Payment:  You may pay for the session with a credit card when booking the session

OR I will collect payment when we connect on the phone.  

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Friday Faire

Starting Friday November 12th 2021

The Friday Faire is an in-person offering where you can come into my center without an appointment and receive a discounted 15 minute reading for $30



"Suzanne is the truth and I trust her very much. She is very compassionate and gives you an honest reading with very meaningful advice and guidance for your situation. In my recent reading with her she picked up so much with me, it was incredible and even more than I asked for.  There was information that she provided me with that I didn't even reference to, but happened to be very relevant to my life.  To elaborate on her gift, I inquired about how soon I would be employed again and I was given an approximate time span of "3 weeks from now" where I would be working in a "secretarial or administrative" type of position, which I would also enjoy better than my previous job. I happened to be hired on as an Administrative Clerk about three and half/four weeks from that reading, in all the ways specified. It is also worth mentioning that I had applied before this reading for this position . Simply said, this is the very FIRST time that I've had a reading and have had it come to fruition. I'm amazed and feel even more connected than ever with Suzanne's work. I'm still in my "wow" moment right now because this is what she expressed to me and it happened.  I trust Suzanne very much and look forward to meeting with her again in the future! Thank you!"


"Suzanne is a very compassionate, very gifted person that uses her gift not only to provide healing to others, but also validates that our loved ones truly watch over us."


"Suzanne picked up on things about me that no one would know unless they knew me. She's very in tuned. I would diffently recommend her and do another reading."


"Suzanne was very much on target with her reading. I would recommend her to my friends and family."