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We offer a variety of classes, workshops and private mentoring in a setting that is safe, supporting and uplifting.   All of our classes and events are listed on - as well as this website. 

Learn Reiki!

Reiki helps with meditative states, promotes personal awareness, enhances spiritual connection, allows natural healing, reduces stress, balances energies and relieves discomfort.  Everyone can learn how to do Reiki!  Our class environment is relaxed, but professional - and dedicated about helping you to personally experience the Reiki energy.  You do not need special tools or super abilities to learn Reiki.  Its natural and its for everyone.  Classes include a manual and printed certificate.  

Classes fill up but often there will be a cancellation.  You may email me at or call 502.727.0445 to inquire about an RSVP for class.  I do not collect a deposit and will process payment the day of class.  We accept cash or credit cards as a form of payment.  Reiki I & II is $135 and the Reiki Master class is $145.

It is an honor to teach Reiki and always a beautiful healing field is created during class - you will experience healing by just being present and as a student.  That is the powerful benefit of Reiki.

Also I can bring a Reiki class to your office or tailored to your needs.  Get in touch with me to discuss this type of offering.

Please complete the following form to RSVP for a Reiki class and let me know which class you are taking.  I must have your email address prior to class as I send out information and request details about the printed certificate that is provided upon completion. 


Thanks so much - please email me with any questions -

Notice dated March 16th 2020 

The Reiki in-person classes are on hold - i'm working on creating

online courses so check back about new online offerings!



Note from Suzanne - i'm an avid student and very much believe that studying and learning is a very important part of the teachers life.   I love teaching Reiki and since 2015 when I began teaching - I have certified many students (over 1000 students as of Feb 2020) as Reiki practitioners.  I believe that it should be affordable (I offer sliding scale) to everyone. 

 My path of learning and development as a teacher:

Sept 2009 - USUI Reiki I & II Certification with Gina Moffett

Feb 2012 Lifeforce Energy Healer Certification with Deborah King

Sept 2014 began traveling to Arthur Findlay College in England studying

mediumship, trance healing & spirit art (travel there yearly to study)

August 2014 began traveling to Camp Chesterfield in Indiana and have been mentored

by several residental mediums and have taken many classes at camp

Sept 2014 Certified Intuitive Practitioner with Slade Roberson

Oct 2015 - USUI Reiki III Master 

Oct 2015 to Sept 2018 Shamanic Studies with Bob Teets

November 2019 USUI Reiki III Master at Unity Church

Feb 2020 Holy Fire USUI Reiki I & II with Diana Charles (Atlanta, GA - Know Thy Self Healing Center)

coming up in May 2020 I travel to Sedona to become Reiki Drumming Certified

Suzanne Smith

, The Intuitive Connection, LLC   


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