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Learn Reiki at The Intuitive Connection

Reiki helps with meditative states, promotes personal awareness, enhances spiritual connection, allows natural healing, reduces stress, balances energies and relieves discomfort.  Everyone can learn how to do Reiki!  Our class environment is relaxed, but professional - and dedicated about helping you to personally experience the Reiki energy.  You do not need special tools or super abilities to learn Reiki!  Its natural and its for everyone.  Classes include a digital manual and printed certificate. 


Class Registration

Classes are now being taught again in-person.  Pre-registration is necessary and payment is collected when you arrive for the in-person class.  Links are below to RSVP for a Reiki class.  Several emails are sent out prior to class so please provide your best email address when registering.  

Reiki I & II 
Dec 10 2022
2023 dates, Jan 14   or  Feb 11  or  Mar 11
Cost $150 1 to 5 pm Eastern sliding scale avail

Reiki III, Master Level
  Sun Dec 11, 2022
Feb 12 2023
Cost $175  1 to 5 pm Eastern sliding scale avail


Reiki Level I & II Certification Class  $150   sliding scale available


The Reiki Level I & II Class allows the student to become a Level II practitioner with the ability to give treatments to self and others.   All students receive a Reiki level I & II attunement along with the Reiki II symbols and distant healing.  There is ample practice time to ensure proficiency in all aspects of the Reiki I & II training.  Students will receive a digital manual and printed certificate. 

Class includes the traditional Reiki training as follows:

The origin & history of Reiki

The chakra energy system

The nature of Reiki energy, why people get sick & how Reiki heals

The Reiki Ideals

The Human Energy System including chakras

The complete hand placement system

Gassho meditation

Byosen Scanning: Using the hands to locate areas needing healing

Reiji-Ho: Using inner guidance to know how & where to treat


Reiki Level III, Master    $175      sliding scale available 

The Reiki Master class allows certified students to teach Reiki and also to work with the highest level of Reiki energy.  This class also provides specific tools to enhance the Reiki treatment experience such as a Pendulum and working with Crystals.  Many people take this class to amplify their Reiki energy without the intent of teaching.  Documents and information is provided to those students that intend to create a Reiki Practice and potentially teach Reiki.   All students receive a digital manual and printed certificate.  

Class includes the following: 


Review of Reiki Level II principles

Class includes the traditional Reiki training as follows:

How to teach and attune others to Level I II & III

Receive 4th USUI symbol

Learn advanced tools and energy techniques for increased healing

Learn how to use a Pendulum to assess the chakras

Give and receive a full Reiki treatment with students using Reiji-Ho

Instruction on teaching reiki and becoming a reiki practitioner

Using crystals for healing


Classes are facilitated at our beautiful center on Brownsboro Road in Louisville, KY

The Intuitive Connection

2908 Brownsboro Road Suite 206

Louisville, KY  40206

Park in the FRONT or side of the building - entrance is in the front as well.

Please email me at if you have any questions.  

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