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Two Person Numerollogy  $39  

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Numerology is a language that unlocks the door to our personality.  It reveals the lessons we are here to learn, it brings insight into our opportunities and challenges.  It is an accurate and ancient science of numbers  to assist us on our life journey.  There are many answers in your numbers.   **A note from Suzanne - "I have a very personal interest in Numerology as my first reading in 2001 was a very special experience, the reader calculated my life path number (11) & my 9 year cycle and wrote this on a piece of paper.  She then went on to tell me in detail things about my life that came through my numbers - it was fascinating and very accurate.  I still have that piece of paper and will treasure it always".


The numerology readings are created using your birth name, current name and date of birth.  I create these readings and send them via email - please allow 24 hours to receive your reading (usually I can get them done in the same day).  

There are 2 types of Numerology Readings available:

Personal Numerology Reading (for 1 person), $29

Relationship Compatibility Reading (for 2 people) $39


READING - 100+ page reading, $29

This Numerology chart creates Numerology predictions based on your given name at birth, the name you currently use and your birth date. Learn about the cycle you're in this year, the challenges you may face and the best ways to address them. Looking at the cycles over the course of your life, you can see the lessons you will be working on.  Your Essence Number and Personal Year Number indicate the active forces during the course of the year. The Personal Year runs from January to January while the Essence Number is most strongly felt from birthday to birthday. The overlap of your Essence and Personal Year cycles creates Dualities which tells us how to get the most out of your Personal Year and Essence cycles.This report also identifies both monthly and daily projections for the full 2 years ahead.  

Click on the PDF for a sample relationship compatability reading.      


Get an in-depth look at how two people's birth information can influence their compatibility.  Are you in a long-term relationship or about to jump into one? Understand your compatibility on a deep level through the perspective only Numerology can give. This detailed reading provides an in-depth analysis of your compatibility through a comparison of your core numbers. An amazingly accurate tool to examine your relationship and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Improve any relationship with a Numerology Compatibility reading. 

This reading has some of the life path detail that is included in the Personal Numerology Reading, but is primarily  focused on the compatibility of the 2 people.

Click on the PDF for a sample relationship compatability reading.   


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