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5 Traits of a Professional Psychic/Medium

Readings have changed my life and over the past 15 years I have had wonderful readings that have helped me to understand my past, to heal and also to know my next steps in all areas of my life. A good reading with a grounded practitioner can be extremely helpful. The following are common traits of a well trained professional intuitive.

1. A practitioner will never frighten you or deliver bad news

The purpose of a reading is about empowerment as well as to have clarity. Bad news and impending doom does not help or serve any purpose in a reading. A good reader will not bring through anything that will cause harm or fear. They will not predict when someone will die nor will they tell you that you have a curse that should be removed.

2. Refrain from Personal Opinion and Judgement

They will always work in your highest good and will never bring through their opinion or judgement. As a session is a sacred environment to foster personal growth, there isn't room for personal opinion. The reader is not to judge nor evaluate behavior or choices. You should feel safe and supported in a reading.

3. Giving advice or Making Decisions

They will not tell you what to do or 'what you should do'. The language is so very important. If a reader is working out of their ego they will use language such as 'you should do this' or 'why haven't you' or 'stop doing', you get the idea. These directive statements are disempowering and judgemental.

4. Development and Humility

One trait of a professional is that they are in a place of continued development of their abilities. They realize that as a human, we all have growth potential. They also will not be in a place of inflated ego. Beware of those that do not have any areas of study and are not working with a mentor or teacher.

5. Decisions and Choices They will never tell you to do something or not to do something. They will allow personal decisions. They will bring awareness and insight to life situations, but leave the actual decision making to you.


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