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What is a Psychic?

What is a Psychic? As you view the above photo, what comes to mind? Does the word psychic bring up feelings of someone that is dressed in colorful fabrics and gazing into a crystal ball? Or perhaps someone that charges a lot of money to help you to 'remove a spell', or promise a jackpot of money?

At The Intuitive Connection, it is our intent to change the image and perception of a psychic. In my psychic fairs, I have not changed the name from Psychic Fair to something that may a bit more appealing or softer as I want to bring something new to the word PSYCHIC.

What does it mean to be Psychic?

We are all psychic! All human beings are born with the physical abilities to receive messages and information. Being psychic is being human. It isn't magic, or really even mystical. The term psychic can have a negative connotation as there are some psychics that are scam artists and work to take money from innocent people. They are a small population though of many credible and talented psychics in the industry.

How does a Good Psychic do a Reading?

A trained psychic will connect to their clients aura, the sitters guides and guardians. The aura is an energetic field that surrounds all people. The psychic uses their psychic senses to receive information that is in the clients past, present and future.

A trained and developed psychic has the ability to work with spirit to understand the messages and to bring through guidance. The delivery of the message is so important for the client. Psychic Development takes time and practice, it is typically not something that is automatic with a psychic.

Intent of a Psychic

The intent of a psychic is a critical component of the reading as if someone is working to gain fame and fortune, without the best interest of the client - then the message from the psychic will be diluted or non existent. A good psychic works to serve the client and to help them in their spiritual path. A good psychic has their ego in check when doing a reading. The ego can ruin a reading for sure, but a good psychic will do energy work prior to a reading, will say a blessing and set the intention of a reading. They will read the clients soul path and quickly assess where the client is currently and also will receive direction about the future.

If we are all Psychic, why can't we just read ourselves?

We CAN read ourselves to a degree! But our own egos, agendas and perceptions get in our way. Over the years I have had literally hundreds of psychic readings. I have learned so much from psychics and have been blessed to be mentored and guided by very genuine psychics. I have a psychic reading about every 30 days or so. Of course I have students that read for me in our development classes and I love that too!

During a psychic reading, the psychic will tap into the clients chart - it is often referred to as 'reading a chart'. It is difficult for us to read our own charts and it is much easier for someone else to access our chart. We have lessons to learn and we really aren't supposed to know everything at once. Life just doesn't work that way certainly.

We have the ability to receive tremendous guidance through 'automatic intuition', or 'automatic writing'. I find automatic writing to be one of the best ways that I receive guidance for myself. In meditation this morning I asked my guide Samuel for a message. I began writing and heard through my clairaudience, 'be in your grace'.

I felt the message and got in touch with my grace. My grace as a healer, as a spirit in a human body, my grace as a teacher. My grace.

How to have a GREAT psychic reading?

The best psychic readings begin with an understanding that a psychic is a real person. They are human beings and will be about 90% accurate. If you hear a psychic say that they are 100% - run away quickly! A psychic has to translate information that comes in via symbols, words, thoughts, feelings, etc. It is in the translation that the message can be misinterpreted. This is why development is so important. I know that I have a high accuracy rate, but that is something very difficult to measure. I know that I am accurate because of the feedback from clients during a reading and after.

Also another component of a great reading is expectations. If you enter into a reading session and expect to hear a YES answer to a question you have - and are not open to a message from spirit that may have nothing to do with the YES answer - then your expectations are driving the reading. A good psychic will work with their spirit teams to bring through messages that spirit wants them to know! So often we set ourselves up to want to hear something - and it really can blur the reading. Often people will ask me about relationships and when they will meet someone. I work with their spirit team to bring in the message along with a timeline. Sometimes it doesn't fit within what they expected. When I sense that I will ask my guide Samuel to help me to bring through information to help the person - and I ask their guide to help them to open up and to receive a message that is in their highest good. I usually feel the energy shift at that moment and also I feel grateful for that too.

Scroll up to the top of this message - what comes up for you now when you see the image of the crystal ball? Is it a bit different after reading this message?

At The Intuitive Connection there are many people that come in and have never had a psychic reading. It is my true pleasure to read for people and to change the perception of a psychic.

I am a psy-CHIC (isn't that an awesome word play?!!), and love to help and serve people. I hope that this writing has helped you to understand a bit about what it really means to be psychic!

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