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Is Your House Haunted?...

High Vibration Energy Frequency

Is YOUR house haunted? Do you often have feelings of doom? Perhaps you may feel depressed or alone?

Our body is a temple, a house, our domain. Our psychic energy centers and our physical, spiritual, emotional and physical states of being are largely affected by our own personal choices and attitudes.

So you may be thinking, yes my house feels haunted sometimes. Lower thoughts may be carefully hidden from view, similar to dusty boxes stored away in the attic. Often with many of us it may seem that this is the norm and that there isn't a way out of this existence.

But there is.

It begins with a bit of bravery and also a dash of self awareness. Admitting that there are lower feelings and that we may be in the muck and mire can be the beginning of a spiritual shift.

And it is all about shifting energy. When we set the intention to change we embark on an energetic shift.

Often this can seem to be a very hard thing to do, almost impossible. But when we make the decision to be in a spiritual shift it comes with ease.

What is haunting you right now? Bring it to the light by an honest admission. Your own spirit will help you to remove the darkness, for your spirit is a very pure energy.

May you brighten the light in your house today.

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