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Our Past Lives...

Deep within us holds a powerful energy of past soul lives. We incarnate or return so that we grow spiritually and also to allow our souls to evolve. We carry with us many memories and experiences that shape our personality and who we are in this lifetime. Many fears of phobias have been created by traumatic experiences in our soul past.

Having an affinity for the past and old places can be a sign of a past life. I have an intense connection to the 19th century and I live in a house that is 150 years old. I’ve always loved the Victorian and Edwardian era and feel deeply connected to these time periods. When I walk into an antique store it is as if I am coming home. While visiting Italy several years ago I felt intense feelings of having been there before in other lifetimes. It was especially strong while I was in Rome. One evening I became separated from the tour group and I walked 2 miles back to the inn without any directions. I had a familiarity with the roads and paths along the way because I had lived there in a past life!

As an Intuitive Practitioner I enjoy doing past life sessions with clients. A past life regression is where a practitioner will guide the client into a state of deep meditation and then regress the client to a past life. The client relays details about what they are seeing and experiencing in their past. I’ve had a past life regression session with a practitioner and although it was an enjoyable experience, I didn’t particularly align with the traditional way that the session was performed.

I do past life sessions differently than most practitioners in that I relay what I am being shown about the clients past life. I work with my Akashic guide and spirit team to bring through relevant messages and information for the client, instead of asking the client to relay what they are experiencing. I always do an energy clearing after I have given the messages to the client. This clearing is a very important part of the session as it brings healing and clarity.

A past life session can be very helpful to understand our soul purpose, to heal past trauma and to understand repeating patterns or behavior. Very often what we fear is something that was experienced in a past life. By having a past life session we can experience freedom and clarity to move forward and align with our soul path.

For more information on Past Lives go to the A.R.E. website

Click HERE to schedule a 60 minute Past Life session.

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