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How to Prepare for a Reading

Psychic Reading

Perhaps you have felt a nudge to get a reading. There may be excitement with a bit of nervousness. The appointment is setup and you are ready to embark upon a new phase of your journey. There has been a focus on the qualifications and reputation of the reader, but one important component of the experience is that YOU have as much to do with the outcome of the session as the reader.

A reading is a sacred environment where the practitioner accesses a higher state of consciousness and 'reads' the soul path of the client or sitter. It can be extremely insightful and healing as well.

So what is your responsibility you may be thinking? The following are some guidelines to assist you and to help you to understand.

Choosing your Practitioner:

Qualifications, credentials and experience are all an important aspect of a reader. Be sure that you are drawn to the reader and that you feel comfortable with their energy. Does it feel right? Trust your intuition.

Know that your guides and those in the higher spiritual realm have had a part in matching you up with a reader. If you are very drawn to someone but do not really know why - trust that feeling.

Prepare Mentally:

Take time to prepare before the reading. Make some notes and think about what you want to get out of the reading. Write down several questions that you would like to ask during the session. Know why you are getting a reading.

Upon Arrival (by phone or in-person)

Pay close attention to how you feel when you arrive at the reading location or connect via phone. Do you have a good vibe about the practitioner? Do you feel welcomed? I've done readings for people that have told me they knew they were being taken advantage of by another practitioner and they had that 'gut feeling' when they arrived for the reading, but continued with the session. This is your session and it is OK to discontinue the session if it doesn't feel right.

Being Open

Allow the practitioner to do their job. If you enter into the reading with an attitude of 'prove it to me' or 'you can't get to me', then this will only make the practitioner work very hard to break through this energy. Be kind to the reader. A good reader will work with someone that is nervous or a bit fearful as that is human nature. But beyond that energy, if you are challenging the reader then the quality of the reading will be diminished.

Ask Questions

I always begin any session with a blessing and then very often I will bring messages through and do a bit of channeling. I then open up the session and ask the sitter if they have questions. Bring your questions to the reader! Try to refrain from asking a yes or no question. For example, you may ask, "will I ever find my soulmate", which I will quickly rephrase and say, "what message can I bring for you about finding your soulmate"? Questions and how they are asked can be an important aspect of a reading.

Allow the Message

Because readings are about our soul path and the higher self, very often our reason for seeking a reading differs from the message that comes through. As a good reading is in the best interest of all involved, frequently there will be awareness and guidance that comes through that is beyond the intent of the reading.

This is especially true in a mediumship reading as the medium does not control who comes in for a visit during a reading. Be open to what may come up in a reading, including those in spirit that want to come in and say hello! A medium can't 'call up' spirit nor can they guarantee that a loved one will come through.

Recording the Session

I prefer to take notes when I get a reading. I keep these notes in a special folder and I go back and re-read them from time to time. I do have several magnetic tape and digital recordings of readings but its not my preference as I tend to lose access to them over time as phones are upgraded and technology changes. Who has a cassette player anymore? I preserve the messages in the way of written form.

Enjoy the Reading

As a reading is about YOUR life path and your journey, it is so important to enjoy the process. Give yourself credit for seeking information that can help you and also give credit to the reader. The session can bring healing and relief in a way that should be enjoyable.

In closing, you have a big part and responsibility in the quality of the reading. Over the past 15 years I have had many readings that have been life changing. I have had confirmation of my past and they have helped me to have a much deeper understanding of soul, my mistakes, my challenges and my life path. I am very thankful to all of those practitioners that have helped me on my journey.

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